Waltham Cross Doors

Door Fittings in Waltham Cross

For over three decades, Clearview 2000 has been delivering exceptional services to homes and businesses across Waltham Cross. Our team of skilled professionals are extensively trained to offer a diverse selection of doors in various colours, finishes, and styles. Throughout Waltham Cross, both residences and businesses have experienced first-hand why Clearview 2000 is renowned as one of the area’s premier suppliers and installers of doors, which can be seen in our 5 star reviews.

Our doors not only exude modern style and elegance but also provide substantial cost savings on heating bills. With BBA energy ratings, our doors excel at retaining heat, ensuring a comfortable and energy-efficient environment within your space.

BiFold Doors in Waltham Cross

If you’re wanting doors that seamlessly connect your house and garden, offering unobstructed views of your outdoor space while flooding your home with natural light, look no further than Clearview 2000’s bifold doors. Our bifold doors feature sleek and contemporary designs that will elevate your living area. The doors can be effortlessly folded to optimise space, ensuring you won’t lose any floor area when they are open. Contact us today to experience the perfect union of indoor and outdoor living with our stylish and functional bifold doors.

    Image of a bi-fold composite door

uPVC and Aluminium Doors in Waltham Cross

We also offer uPVC (unplasticised polyvinyl chloride) and aluminium doors to our customers in Waltham Cross. uPVC doors are renowned for their remarkable durability and minimal maintenance requirements. Resistant to rot, corrosion, and fading, they remain reliable in various weather conditions. Moreover, uPVC doors provide exceptional thermal insulation, enhancing energy efficiency – allowing you to save on bills.

If you’re wanting a sleek and contemporary design, aluminium doors could be for you. Combining lightweight properties with robustness, they offer heightened security and long-lasting performance. The strength of aluminium doors enables slimline frames, maximising the glass area and inviting abundant natural light to flow through your home in Waltham Cross.

Composite Doors in Waltham Cross

These doors have gained popularity due to their exceptional blend of style, security, and durability. Constructed using a combination of materials such as uPVC, wood, and glass reinforced plastic (GRP), composite doors bring together the best of both worlds – the timeless charm of traditional timber doors and the easy upkeep of uPVC. We offer our customers in Waltham Cross a wide range of designs and finishes to choose from, ensuring you discover the perfect composite door that enhances your property’s curb appeal while providing advanced security features.

An image of a composite front door.    Image of a new composite door

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At Clearview 2000, our utmost priority lies in meeting the needs of our customers, which has earned us an excellent reputation as one of the most reliable suppliers and installers of doors in the Waltham Cross area.

If you reside in Waltham Cross and believe your home or business could benefit from a fresh set of doors, we encourage you to reach out to us. We are more than willing to assist you in any way possible. You can get in touch with us through our online contact form or simply give us a call at 01920 466 151. We look forward to serving you!