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Tiled vs Glass Roof Conservatories

Adding a conservatory to your home can be a great way of adding a new, fresh space that the entire family can enjoy. When choosing a design and style of conservatory, one of the main questions you may ask yourself is “Should I choose a conservatory with a tiled roof or a glass roof?” 

Both tiled and glass-roofed conservatories have advantages and benefits, so deciding on one over the other will be dependent on what you are looking for in a conservatory. In this blog, we will be discussing the different benefits of tiled and glass roofs, hopefully making your decision easier!

Benefits of Tiled Roof Conservatories

Thermal Efficiency

One key advantage to choosing a conservatory with a tiled roof is how well temperature is retained. Tiled roofed conservatories are very good at maintaining a constant temperature, meaning that the conservatory can be enjoyed at all times of the year. The fact that temperature can be maintained so well under a tiled roof means that you will also be able to save money on heating bills.  

Noise Reduction 

This benefit is especially valuable if you are adding a conservatory to a home located in a busy or built-up area. The last thing you will want when you looking to spend an afternoon relaxing in your conservatory is to have the peacefulness ruined by the noise of busy traffic or industrial activity. Tiled roofs work excellently at cancelling out exterior noise, meaning you can enjoy your conservatory without any distractions from outside noise. 

Low Maintenance

The fact that tiled conservatory roofs are easily maintained and will only require minimal attention over time means that you will save time, money and effort. You will be able to enjoy your conservatory with the peace of mind of knowing that the tiled roof will remain strong over a long period of time. 

Benefits of Glass Roof Conservatories

Natural Light

As well as increasing the value of their home, a huge reason why homeowners choose to add a conservatory is to build a space that meets their house and garden halfway. A glass-roofed conservatory allows an abundance of light into the space. A large amount of sunlight will make the conservatory more inviting for you and your guests, especially when this light is available at all times of daylight. 

Cooler Summers

Something that glass roofs can provide over tiled roofs is that the glass can effectively reflect sun rays, making the whole space cooler. When a heatwave strikes, we are all desperately trying to find the coolest part of the house to take a break from the heat. With a glass-roofed conservatory, you always have a place to cool down and relax.


A special coating can be applied to the glass roof, meaning that it will actually become self-cleaning, which is extremely helpful if you do not want to spend lots of time upkeeping your conservatory roof. The coating reacts with UV rays from the sun and works to loosen and break down organic dirt. This will prevent the build-up of algae, lichen, moss and mould. 

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