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Popular Types Of Conservatories

Now the warm weather is well and truly upon us, more and more people are looking to make the step of adding a conservatory to their home. What you may not be aware of is that there are dozens of conservatory styles to choose from, which can make deciding on which one to go for quite difficult. 

To help you out, we have selected three of the most popular conservatory styles and explained just why they are so sought after.

Lean-to Conservatories

This style of conservatory has a simple design and is a great addition to smaller homes, proving to be particularly popular with owners of bungalows. These conservatories tend to have a rectangular layout, with the long side fixed to the property. Lean-to conservatories are good for maximising the amount of natural light let into the space. They are also energy-efficient, being extremely good for retaining heat, making it easy to be used year-round and saving you money on heating costs at the same time.

Globe Fronted Conservatories

Gaining its name because its shape closely resembles the gable end of a house, globe fronted conservatories are commonly built with square or rectangular floor plans and are designed to efficiently make use of the floor space. Due to the shape of globe fronted conservatories, they add a good amount of height to the room, increasing natural light. This type of conservatory is suitable for a broad range of house types, from bungalows to period homes. The fact that this conservatory is available in T-shaped or P-shaped form makes this style extremely versatile.   

Lantern Conservatories

Lantern conservatories are popular because of the fact that they can be built with flexible dimensions, working with your home to create the ideal space for homeowners. Often being built with a two-tiered style, Lantern conservatives provide a grand and luxurious feel to a home. This style of conservatory works in a similar way to a skylight, except it is far more effective at allowing light and air into the room. Lantern conservatories are perfect if you would like to allow plenty of light in without compromising any privacy.             

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