An image of a window letting in light.

4 Signs Your Windows Might Need Replacing in 2020

Unfortunately, windows don’t last forever. Your mileage on windows will depend on how well you look after them and the quality of the installation, but, on average, most windows will last a maximum of 20 years before needing a replacement.

We’ve put together a few of the common signs that indicate your windows might be on their last legs.

There is noticeable wear and tear

Over time, window frames will degrade. That’s especially true for places like Britain, where it’s inevitable that wind and rain battering against your windows will cause rot, erosion, and discolouring.

While none of this is aesthetically pleasing, degradation of windows will also lead to a variety of other issues such as damp and draft.

Windows are difficult to open and close

It’s essential that we’re able to open our windows properly. It helps us cool down in the summer, and allows us to enjoy some fresh air from the indoors. Additionally, it’s vital to ventilate your house properly to avoid mould and mildew.

Windows should be easy to open, with little or no resistance. If you find that you have to exert a lot of force when you’re trying to open them, it may be due to a warped frame. Indeed, during hot weather, uPVC windows will expand slightly, returning to normal size when they cool. Poor quality windows may not contract again properly, leading to issues such as this.

Ballooning Energy Bills

Energy prices are always increasing, but you might have noticed that you’re having to spend more and more time with the heating on, just to keep your house warm. There can be many reasons for this, but often it is a result of worn out or poorly fitted windows.

Doubling glazed windows should provide solid insulation. If they’re not, then it’s possible that heat is leaking out through small cracks in the frame. If you stand by your windows and it’s noticeably colder, then they aren’t doing their job. The same applies for if you’ve had the heating on and the windows are still cold to touch.

You don’t have double glazing!

Leading on from our last point, single-glazed windows are virtually essential now if you want your home to be heated efficiently. While most homes are now fitted with double-glazing as standard, some older properties might still have single-glazed windows.

When you invest in double glazing, you invest in your future. There are so many benefits to this superior type of window, such as lower energy bills, less sound pollution, less fog/condensation building up on the glass, and more.

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